Tired of the relentless positivity of everyday life? Listening to Things We Like leaves you bitter and empty? Then welcome to STUFF SUCKS, the sister show of Things We Like! Running every fortnight we attempt to redress the balance of positivity and negativity, scientific tests* have shown that listening to both shows simultaneously will leave you feeling decidedly neutral about life.

*(Scientific tests based on lies and things we made up)

Download all episodes here! or listen below!


Episode 1 – Feb 14th 2014


Episode 2 – Feb 28th 2014


Episode 3 – Mar 15th 2014


Episode 4 – Mar 28th 2014


Episode 5 – April 25th 2014


Episode 6 – May 13th 2014


Episode 7 – May 24th 2014


Suck Things We Like Stuff??… – June 10th 2014


Episode 8 – June 23rd 2014


Episode 9 – July 8th 2014


Episode 10 – August 20th 2014


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