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The doors are thrown wide and we burst in in a two by two cover formation, eyes wild. Our silver plated winchester rifles gleam in the sunlight. The room looks cool. It’s an over eighties afternoon tea party. Clearly a mistake has been made. An old lady offers Alf some tea, tells him she’s a hundred and two years old but can still crack a walnut with her bare hands. Another suggest we double check our intel infrastructure while buttering a scone. Alf makes the face Barrack Obama does when he’s impressed with something, we all settle down to afternoon tea. 2015!

On this weeks glorious return to the Chateau Default Yan, Dan, Andy, Alf, Jim, He Who Must Not Be Named and Spoon discuss Chem sex parties, Masters of the Universe, Beagle 2, Leonard Nimoy, sex toy/dog toy, The Dress, telescopes, Andy kills the robots, the desks/fireboxes/staircases of GOTHAM, flippy cup/flip cup, and porn names. We also LITERALLY discuss more things. It’s good to see you again, we’ve missed your face.