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Weeeeellll the sun is out once again and here at the Chataue Default our IQ has flatland. I mean flatlined. Duuuuuuuh. Join us on our voyage into Bruce Campbell, Epic Meal Time, camping accessories, holding a banana like a gun and Mystery Guests Mystery Meat. I feel like I should write more here so here is a random section of the novel THE GREAT GATSBY…..

He waved his hand toward the book-shelves. “About that. As a matter of fact you needn‟t bother to ascertain. I ascertained. They‟re real.” “The books?” He nodded.  “Absolutely real — have pages and everything. I thought they‟d be a nice durable cardboard. Matter of fact, they‟re absolutely real. Pages and—Here! Lemme show you.” Taking our scepticism for granted, he rushed to the bookcases and returned with Volume One of the “Stoddard Lectures.” “See!” he cried triumphantly. “It‟s a bona-fide piece of printed matter. It fooled me. This fella‟s a regular Belasco. It‟s a triumph. What thoroughness! What realism! Knew when to stop, too — didn‟t cut the pages. But what do you want? What do you expect?” He snatched the book from me and replaced it hastily on its shelf, muttering that if one brick was removed the whole library was liable to collapse. “Who brought you?” he demanded. “Or did you just come?I was brought. Most people were brought.” Jim looked at him alertly, cheerfully, without answering. He was from the real world, and also the future, thus he knew exactly how this would all play out. He fought to keep the knowing look from his face even as he considered how much more awesome he was than Gatsby, he made the “great man” nervous and of this he was well aware. Little did the stranger addressing him, or indeed Gatsby himself, realise that Jim had come to save everyone, especially that chick who dies, and give this book the kind of happy ending that would ruin it for millions of literature fans back in reality. Jim bided his time and smiled inside. “I was brought by a woman named Roosevelt,” he continued. “Mrs. Claud Roosevelt. Do you know her? I met her somewhere last night. I‟ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.” “Has it?…..” “No.”

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