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Madness reigns in this weeks episode, Things We Like and Stuff Sucks merge into one seamless writhing mass, like that bit at the end of the film Society but in a nice way and not freakishly horrifying. What? You haven’t seen Society? Oooo watch that, it’s well messed up.

Much is discussed, including Rik Mayall, Babies liking slapstick, X-Com, Mr Potter (the wizard), Mayo, “first past the post” politics and beastiality. But which are the things that suck, and which is the stuff that we like? Only you can decide! Even though we have already decided and it’s in the podcast, soooo……pffft.

[audio http://archive.org/download/StuffSucks1/08%20Stuff%20Things%20We%20Like%20Suck.mp3]