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So bummed out its untrue. Fuck. Everything. Wanna come be moody and stuff with us? Not like we want you to, or anything, but if you want to hang, you know, that would be cool. I guess. This week we get bummed about Mr PooTin, that Peter Jackson and his Hobbits, pen thieves and 24 hour rolling news. Lets drink all the beer and be angry, its not like you being around makes us happy, or anything. (*whispers* I like your face)

[audio http://archive.org/download/StuffSucks1/04%20Stuff%20Sucks%204.mp3]

Putin is a shit

‘The Daily Show’ Explains the Crimea Situation: ‘Putin Doesn’t Give a S–t’ – The Wire

Michael Rosen shows you why Michael Gove is a shit

Michael Rosen: Gove nicked our schools and handed them to his mates

24 hour rolling news is shit

Can we stop 24 hour news? » Spectator Blogs

HAARP is shit

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Titan is shit

Oil found on Saturn’s moon Titan, Republican Party wants to know if there is life | Muktware

Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings films are shit

‘The Hobbit’ arc problem: Peter Jackson is telling the wrong story

The Lord of the Rings 1, 2 and 3 in 5 Seconds – YouTube in glorious 240p. Which is shit

The Karate Kid is a cheating shit

The Karate Kid Montage – You’re the Best – YouTube

Pen thieves are shit

Pen Thieves Caught in the Act! – YouTube

Duck rape is shit

Female ducks fight back against ‘raping’ males – life – 01 May 2007 – New Scientist