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Welcome back to Things We Like! We’re back in the Chateau Default after our January break ready to begin series 2! So stay tuned for exhilarating discourse on the return of Sherlock, the wonderful bounty of newly discovered musical gems, the merits of yoga and sneaky internet secrets!!

Also, a new year brings new ways to listen as we are now the proud owners of our very own Youtube channel. Right now it’s just another place to find the podcast but stay tuned for more video content in the future! You can find the channel here!

Thanks for listening, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch with us at thingswelike@hotmail.com or leave us a lovely review on iTunes.

As ever, Things We Like is intended for a mature, sensible and foulmouthed audience so if you want mature, sensible and foulmouthed children then please feel free to let them listen to our mindrot.