As promised, the second part of the long awaited episode 2! In which you will discover, naughty Newporters, the hilarious antics of the mystery guest, Justin Bieber (apparently), the actual bit about Alf fighting his stepdad and other such auditory treats!


Standard disclaimer: ‘Things We Like’ contains bad language childish humour and a somewhat sceptical attitude towards fact checking. TRUST NO ONE.

Hey! Yeah hey hello!

Hello! You have strayed across a very early edition of Things We Like! But why, and how? We have no idea why there are so many hits for this particular episode but please do not judge us by this prototype for the show. We have only been at this podcast malarky for seven months but have improved far more swiftly than mere mortal men could ever hope for. Please check our more recent efforts with our new half hour format as we blast into the near future with more, you know, just….stuff….and THEN feel free to judge us! Seriously though, we once killed a man who looked at us funny.