Welcome back to Things We Like! Slightly over schedule, we’ve finally sorted out podcast number 2 and present it for your listening pleasure! Its been split into 2 parts, with part two going up later this week so please pop back over in a few days to hear the rest. So for interesting and stimulating debate on a range of topics from The Music of Sesame Street to Alf Fighting his stepfather, via the amazing applications of Duct Tape as ever, please click below and enjoy!

[audio http://ia902508.us.archive.org/18/items/ThingsWeLike1/02%20Things%20We%20Like%202%20-%20Side%20A.mp3]

We’re also pleased to announce that we are now locatable on iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter! As before we’re still getting the ball rolling on this and there’s not much content of there yet but stay tuned as there will be plenty of interesting and hopefully likeable stuff on there soon! As ever we’d love to hear from you with feedback to feel free to get in touch with us at thingswelike@hotmail.com.

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